Apps Features

  • Fields Are Too Crowded!

    Finding an Empty field is time consuming and discouraging.

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    Not Enough Supervision

    City has no information about hazards in fields in real time, which leads to negligence of the places

  • Doing Sports Alone Sucks

    Finding partners and teammates for various sport activities with same skill level

  • Find an Availble Field

    Using live information from the field in real time, Fitog is able to navigate you to the field you need

  • Hazards Reports

    Broken glass? taired nets? graffity on the floor? just take a picture and your local authority will take care of the rest as soon as possible.

  • Find Parters

    Fitog knows you, and others, and it will match you with good teamates with same skill level and area for a session.

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The Team

Eli Ohayon

CEO & Founder

Ido Nov


Nadav Keidar

PR Manager